Creating a
Sustainable Hatfield

Effective Management & Corporate Governance

The Hatfield City Improvement District has a small leadership team under the guidance of the CEO Lucas Luckhoff. He is supported by Danie Basson, the Chief Operating Officer and Henriette Vorster, the Relationship Manager, who has more than 13 years’ experience in the CID. The Hatfield CID is a non-profit organisation who is funded by the 26 property owners within the area. The highest level of corporate governance is exercised ensuring that stakeholders have comfort that funds are appropriately used within the operation. The collections, financial and regulatory reporting functions are outsourced to a professional bookkeeper and financial reports are monthly available to the board of directors.

Planning, Design and Placemaking

The board of directors embarked on a SPATIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK FOR THE HATFIELD CAMPUS VILLAGE in 2016 which were approved and accepted. In 2015, the directors of the CID realised they had to take a fresh look at the CID, as well as the larger Hatfield Campus Village, specifically at the impact of future development and expansion. The expected growth and expansion might bring about new challenges in terms of safety, movement and the overall management of the area. All in all, new responsibilities, challenges and opportunities have come to the fore for the CID and its members, including the expansion of the CID's boundaries and/or the inclusion of adjacent areas into the CID.

Vision 2040 and beyond

We, the people living, learning and working in Hatfield share a dream...
We dream of a sustainable, responsible and inclusive village, with a well-balanced and well-integrated variety of appropriate businesses, residential clusters, and educational, inspirational and recreational areas, supported by sophisticated infrastructure and services.
We dream of a livable village where diverse cultures, people and communities share and enjoy quality of life and equal opportunities in a safe, healthy and clean environment, with an abundance of pleasant spaces and places, recreational, cultural, educational and social opportunities.
We dream of a community village with strong, inspirational leadership, representative of the diversity of the community, well managed and maintained by exceptional, effective, participatory and responsible management structures and sustained by broad-based partnerships. As part of this dream, we see Hatfield redeveloped, regenerated and rejuvenated into an internationally renowned knowledge hub of excellence, where learners, students, teachers, researchers and workers can flourish in a high-quality, safe and socially just campus environment with state-of-the art offerings.
As a community, we picture Hatfield as a high-quality place-to-be, easily accessible and affordable to visitors, residents and all community members; a place where everyone can move peacefully and comfortably between beautiful urban and cultural spaces and streetscapes that are well integrated and creatively connected.
We believe that this unique area, in years to come, will be transformed into a community of choice and recognised as a fascinating place of harmony, cohesion, justice and collaboration.
We, as proud citizens of South Africa and the City of Tshwane, are inspired by the promise of Hatfield’s transformation into a vibrant, high-performance, mixed-use, mixed-income area that provides a wide range of services and opportunities (24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year), not only to local residents and community members, but also to the larger City of Tshwane and the Gauteng region, and even further afield.

Social Upliftment

To contribute to the creation of an equitable, inclusive and socially just Hatfield Campus village Community in conjunction with the Community Engagement Unit of the University of Pretoria and other role players in the government, non-governmental organisations, the business sector and other stakeholders

Marketing, Relationship Management & Communication

  • Making stakeholders aware of the Hatfield Campus Village concept and what it stands for
  • Making stakeholders and other interested parties aware of the Hatfield City Improvement District (CID), its role and functions, and where it can be contacted
  • Promoting the Hatfield Campus Village and the Hatfield CID brands
  • Keeping stakeholders informed of developments in the Hatfield Campus Village through the various platforms at its disposa
  • Publishing a bi-monthly newsletter on developments and issues in the Hatfield Campus Village called PULSE
  • Managing the various social media platforms of the Hatfield CID
  • Promoting the Hatfield Campus Village as a tourist destination locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Promoting the Hatfield Campus Village as a "knowledge hub"
  • Promoting the Hatfield Campus Village as a vibrant destination of choice for dining and entertainment
  • Organising and presenting events in the Hatfield Campus village including a monthly, moonlight street market, sports, music and cultural events
  • Developing and sustaining relations of the Hatfield CID with all the stakeholders in the Hatfield Campus Village, and facilitating relations between them
  • Developing and implementing campaigns in the Hatfield Campus Village aimed at improving the experiences of all the stakeholders in the Hatfield Campus village and enhancing the quality of life for its residents

Safety & Security

The safety of all people living and residing in Hatfield is our main priority.
In order to achieve this the CID has two outsourced entities namely G4S and JC Security. Security personnel is deployed 24/7 and we also have a security contact point at the corners of Hilda and Burnett streets.
In addition, there are CCTV cameras monitoring the streets of Hatfield on an ongoing basis.
We are also very proud to have a Metro police Bicycle Unit attached to the Hatfield CID.

Cleaning, Maintenance and Beautification

A team of seventeen people under the supervision of Daniel Moleya is responsible for the daily cleaning of the streets and public spaces within the boundaries of the CID. This team removes approximately 30 000 bags of refuse annually from the streets and public spaces in Hatfield.
The team operates as follows:

  • Monday to Friday 07:00 – 18:00
  • Saturday 07:00 – 13:00
  • Sunday 07:00 – 11:00

This team also does maintenance of our streetscapes, report potholes, remove graffiti and illegal advertising.
This team dress Hatfield on a daily basis for everyone to enjoy.

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